HyProfessionals publishes results on H2 Training Status in Europe

Please consult the following HyProfessionals documents:

Deliverable D2 Funding programs analysis report

Deliverables D5_final+annex

The documents include detailed information on:

D2 Funding programs analysis report:
Information on potential funding programs in Spain, France, Germany,  Italy and United Kingdom and Turkey as well as EU programs to develop H2 training programs. The focus of the report is to map funding programs for education and training projects in the field of fuel cell and hydrogen technology. The report gives an overview of funding programs in the origin countries of the project partners and first ideas of how to implement projects in the field of education and training.

D5 Standards of the different educational systems
In the future today’s students and technicians will be responsible for design and production of fuel cells as well as users. Therefore education at the moment is an important step forward for to  increase acceptance and successful implementation of hydrogen and fuel cell technology. he focus of this report is to assess hydrogen and fuel cell educational materials which are used in a number of different educational systems at different European levels. The report gives a review of currently available hydrogen teaching and training materials. In addition, opportunities to transfer hydrogen and fuel cell information into traditional materials were evaluate.