Intelligent Energy Europe 2012 Call for Proposals Open
Running until 2013, the programme is open to all EU Member States, plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Croatia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. A budget of € 730 million is available to fund projects and put into place a range of European portals, facilities and initiatives. In 2012, there will be € 67 million available for funding. on»
FCH-JU Call for Proposals 2012 Public Information Session and Brokerage
NEW-IG and N.ERGHY invite all parties interested in responding to the FCH JU Call for proposals 2012 to participate in the Public Information Session and Brokerage event 2012. on»
Turkey Unveils Fuel Cell Boat
Turkey’s Istanbul Technical University (ITU) unveiled a hydrogen fuel cell boat last month. The Marti (which means seagull) was developed over four years and can operate for 10 hours on 5 kg of hydrogen with a maximum speed of 13 km/h and is now ready for use.  he boat will be put into use on the Golden Horn estuary in Istanbul. on»
The Launch of UKH2Mobility
Initially the UKH2Mobility project will investigate the potential for  hydrogen as a fuel for ultra-low carbon vehicles in the UK and plans to publish its evaluation by the end of 2012 in a publicly available report. To develop a strategy and business case to facilitate the necessary hydrogen infrastructure for the anticipated 2014/2015 FCEVs. on»