The EHA co-hosts session at World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2012
The world’s hydrogen and fuel cell community will come together in Toronto, Canada from June 3-7 for WHEC 2012. on»
Europe’s Largest Hydrogen Refuelling Station Opens in Hamburg
A hydrogen station capable of delivering 750 kilograms of hydrogen per day opened on Friday in Hamburg’s HafenCity development. on»
Denmark: Hydrogen Storage a Necessity for a European Renewable Energy System and Smart Grid
Denmark now holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union. Within its objectives, the Danish presidency has placed Green Growth and the creation of Green Jobs high in the political priority. on»
Aberdeen City Council Backs Hydrogen Transport Project
Aberdeen city councilors have unanimously agreed to support a multi-million pound European project to introduce hydrogen buses in the North-east. The expectation is that the Strategic European Hydrogen Transport Projects will stimulate further innovative hydrogen technology projects and high-level investment in the area, realising Aberdeen’s aspiration of becoming a world-leading hydrogen city.
The project will see the first hydrogen bus deployment in Scotland, with up to a dozen buses operating in the North-east. The bus fleet, which will operate on routes into central Aberdeen, will be the largest in any European city.
The buses will be refuelled at Scotland’s first large hydrogen refuelling station which will supply locally generated gas and be able to refuel hydrogen-powered cars as they become available. The city council has secured £9.2million of EU funding towards the projects, has committed to contribute £2million over four years and will secure a further £9.3million of funding from project partners.
At a meeting of the Full Council, councillors approved the authority’s participation in the High V.Lo City, HyTransit, HyTrEc and LOWCAP cluster projects, subject to securing 90% of additional funding from external partners. on»
Green Gardening with the Fuel Cell EcoMotion Truck
The EcoMotion Truck is a mobile power station, powered by two high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (HT-PEMFC) that run on methanol. The HT-PEMFC allow for a simplified balance of plant and improved carbon monoxide tolerance, which makes it possible to use liquid methanol as fuel. This is reformed into hydrogen-rich gas internally in the system. The system developed by Serenergy is the first commercially available mobile RMFC (reformed methanol fuel cell) system in the world, based on HT-PEMFC technology.
The fuel cell truck was tested by gardeners in the grounds of Holstebro Cemeteries (Denmark), where it has three key advantages: its near-silent operation, low emissions and the fact that it does not require constant recharging. Gardeners can operate the EcoMotion for up to a week before the ten litre fuel tank needs refilling. on»
TEN-T Call for Proposals Open January 10th 2012
The European Commission’s Trans-European Transport Networks TEN-T Programme is one of the most important Community financing means for European transport infrastructure projects — equalling €8 billion for 2007–2013.
January 10th 2012 the call was officially opened for proposals until 13 APRIL 2012. The Public Information day is scheduled for 31 January in Brussels. For more information on the event and the TEN-T Call see: TEN-T Webpage The call can serve as a good basis for proposal for deployment of hydrogen infrastructure projects. on»
In this month several interesting funding opportunities were launched TEN-T, FCH JU, and  Intelligent Energy Europe 2012. EHA is committed to work with its national association and industry members to facilitate strategic projects in developing long term, large scale infrastructure role out stretching as far as the outskirts of Greece. EHA will be changing staff within the beginning of February as the present Communications Manager, Moschoula Krambousanos, will be pursuing new challenges in Greece. With this move EHA looks forward to further collaboration with the hydrogen community in Greece and within the time of crisis supports the Greek community in their efforts for creating sustainable growth. on»
“Infrastructure for Alternative Fuels” – Report by Future Transport Fuels Group
The European Expert Group on Future Transport Fuels has published at the end of 2011 its second report: Infrastructure for Alternative Fuels. EHA and HyER have taken part in the Group and have participated in its activities. The Report explains, Transitions in fuel supply infrastructure and vehicles will be needed for all new transport fuels. on»
5 Million Cubic Meters of Hydrogen produced at Air Liquide site by HyStat 60 Hydrogen Generation Units
Air Liquide has been continuously running two Hydrogenics Hystat 60 Generators since 2006 at their plant in Calarasi, Romania which has produced 5.0 million cubic meters of Hydrogen between the two units without any performance or service issues. on»
Hydrogen Refuelling Station for Arctic
H2 Logic A/S has recently supplied a hydrogen refuelling station 150 meters north of the polar circle, at the Arctic Driving Centre in Finland. The station is based on H2Station® technology and provides three minutes fast fill of hydrogen at 700 bar for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) being tested by car manufacturers under extreme cold climate conditions. on»