Energy Roadmap 2050: Choosing the sustainable pathway for power sector
The European Commission will put forward an Energy Roadmap 2050 in December 2011 which will outline various pathways to reach the objectives of the energy sector, EU priorities – sustainability, energy security and competitiveness. In this effort, a Coalition of European utilities will host a conference on the Roadmap in Brussels on 22 of November. on»
Toyota to Participate in E-KIZUNA Project
Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has announced the signing of an agreement with Saitama City in Japan to collaborate in the E-KIZUNA Project. The project is managed by the city in partnership with industrial stakeholders, and aims to promote the use of electric and other alternative fuel vehicles for sustainable transportation. It also aims to establish Saitama as a city with low-carbon development. on»
Hybrid plant opened ENERTRAG
Brandenburg opened the world’s first wind-hydrogen hybrid power plant, on the 25 October. The plant combines wind energy, Biogas, and hydrogen. Three wind turbines power generated is proportional to the production of CO2-free hydrogen is used. This green hydrogen is stored at times of high supply of wind energy; the hydrogen-Biogas CHP plant generates electricity and heat production. on»