12th EUROPEAN SOFC FORUM Luzern July 5-8, 2016
The European Fuel Cell Forum is organizing the 12th EUROPEAN SOFC & SOE FORUM on July 5-8 2016 in Lucerne (Switzerland). The Forum will focus on solid oxide ..read on»
Another public access hydrogen refuelling station in London
On Tuesday 10th May 2016 Andrew Jones MP, Transport Minister at Department for Transport officially launched the first public access hydrogen refuelling station of EHA member, ..read on»
FCEV buy or lease?
As the German government proposed a new funding scheme to push electric vehicles includeing FCEV on the road, we gathered desktop research data on the ..read on»
EHA @ WHEC 2016 in Zaragoza
In a month's time the EHA's Spanish Hydrogen Association member AeH2 will host  the world's hydrogen and fuel cell community in Zaragoza (Spain) at the ..read on»
4th edition of Hydrogen Days in Grenoble, June 29-30, 2016
The French Hydrogen Association (AFHYPAC), EHA's national association member in France, is organizing the 4th edition of the Hydrogen Days in the French Territories (Journées ..read on»
Filling up Europe’s capital: first public HRS opens near Brussels
Belgium's first public H2 refuelling  station is open for businbess ..read on»
ITM Power and BOC Sign Hydrogen Refuelling Siting Agreement
ITM Power , EHA member since 2013, has announced that it has signed an agreement with BOC, of the Linde Groupc, to provide infrastructure for ITM ..read on»
World’s first fuel cell car sharing service has been launched in Munich
The Linde Group, has launched the world’s first car sharing service, which exclusively uses fuel cell cars ..read on»
Honda Clarity goes on sale in Japan
Honda in March 2016 starte  leasing its new Clarity fuel cell vehicle to select customers in Japan, while the car should be arriving  in California ..read on»
World largest solar powered H2 storage multi housing complex in Thailand
An innovative off-grid housing development in Chiang Mai, solar powered hydrogen storage multi-house complex ..read on»