When: 16 February, 2011

HyER (formerly HyRaMP), in collaboration with the European Commission, has begun work in the preparation of its expansion into a European Partnership of Regions and Municipalities on Electromobility.

Both HyER (formerly HyRaMP) members and non-members have been called upon to create the first outline of the “broadened HyER (formerly HyRaMP) Partnership”.  Within this effort, HyER (formerly HyRaMP) is holding  a workshop on the broadening of the HyER (formerly HyRaMP) Partnership to electromobility on February 16, 2011 from 11:00 to 14:00 in the Palais des Academies, Rue Ducale 1, in Brussels.

To register for this event please send your name, organisation, email and telephone number to the HyER (formerly HyRaMP) secretariat: secretariat@hy-ramp.eu

To view the Workshop Agenda please view the downloadable document.

The EHA is hosting the secretariat of HyER (formerly HyRaMP), Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electromobility in European Regions.