Over the past months EHA has contributed to numerous EU policy activities to prepare Europe’s future transport infrastructure. As Daimler is anticipating its first series production with one year to 2014,  an overall vision on future hydrogen production, distribution and  refuelling infrastructure roll-out needs to become part of the EU’s large transport and energy infrastructure investment programs now. The EHA  together with its 19 national member association and in collaboration with the more than 30 regions in HyER (formerly HyRaMP) could play a key role in identifying national and local stakeholders that could facilitate market uptake and indicate specific needs and requirements.

Through Consultations on the Strategic Transport and Technology Plan, Smart Cities Initiative and contributions to the DG MOVE  Future Fuels Expert Group and the working Groups and Hearing  Cars 21 , EHA emphasized the need to start integrating hydrogen requirements in current transport and energy infrastructure planning while underlining the need to include hydrogen in large scale energy storage projects as announced by Commissioner Oettinger and in smart grids facilitating the deployment of low carbon transport applications.

The EHA’s Annual General Assembly will take place this June 21, 2011 from 1030 to 1300 in Oslo. This edition will feature Scandinavian national associations  presenting the latest developments in their countries and Scandinavain industries showcasing their latest hydrogen and fuel cell system solutions. For registration and  inquiries on this event please send an email to the EHA secretariat, info@h2euro.org.