A week after another it announced another $ 13 mln of FCH  funding for 8 projects in advanced hydrogen storage and fuel cell performance and durability. , the Department of Energy togewther with  the Department of Interior’s National Park Service have officially opened a new technology demonstration hydrogen refueling station in Washington, D.C. on July 11.

This collaboration showcases cutting-edge hydrogen generation technology and provides opportunities to demonstrate FCEVs at federal agencies and throughout the surrounding region. The station is supported by EHA member, Proton OnSite – an innovative company based in Connecticut that manufactures hydrogen generators and other gas products – and their corporate partners SunHydro and Air Products. The station incorporates DOE-funded electrolysis technology advancements. As part of a $1.4 million DOE-funded award made to Proton OnSite in 2012, this station will produce roughly 30 kilograms of hydrogen per day – for some perspective, that can fuel roughly six cars per day for an approximate 300-mile driving range each. Several automakers who are key partners in the H2USA partnership also plan to provide FCEVs that may be used for demonstrations and for use by federal agencies.