Volvo says that it could introduce hydrogen fuel cell technology into its vehicles in 10 years.

Volvo vice president of sales and marketing, Bjorn Annwall, told Drive that while the company is currently focusing on batteries, fuel cells could make an appearance by 2027. He stated that, “I think fuel cell is interesting, but for the next 10 years it’s batteries. But a fuel cell is essentially a liquid battery, so at some point maybe.”

Annwall explained that “it’s not very different, you can just replace the batteries with a fuel cell. They are similar drive systems.” Powercell, Volvo’s research and development company has confirmed that it has undertaken a pre-study with its parent company, and a 20Kw hydrogen fuel cell range extender is planned to be fitted into the XC90 hybrid. This will keep the battery at its optimal capacity to ensure full power at all times.

Powercell has reportedly just signed a deal with a Chinese manufacturer to use the batteries as range extenders in vehicles. Volvo Group is owned by the Geely Holding Group, a Chinese multinational automotive manufacturing company. In addition, a Volvo subsidiary is involved in a project in Germany to develop large-scale hydrogen vehicles.