The Department of Energy of the US announced on the 23rd of November that a company called Dioxide Materials is getting a slice of the agency’s new $125 million round of funding for “transformational” energy projects. Among its areas of expertise, Dioxide Materials is developing a low cost system that uses renewable energy to produce hydrogen fuel from water.

The new round of $125 million in funding for 41 clean energy projects comes through the Energy Department’s ARPA-E division.

The Energy Department announcement was specifically timed to support President Obama’s participation in the COP21 climate talks in Paris, that underscors this new investment in power-to-gas, the Obama Administration is signaling its future commitment to the emerging hydrogen economy.

The Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz highlighted in his introduction: “The ARPA-E projects selected today highlight how American ingenuity can spur innovation and generate a wide range of technology options to address our nation’s most pressing energy issues. As we look beyond COP21, the energy technologies the Department of Energy invests in today will provide the solutions needed to combat climate change and develop a global low-carbon economy in the future”.

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