The US  Department of Energy  on August 20, 2018 published the global eletrolyzer sales figures of 2017 : 100 MW was shipped with potential production of 50.000 kg per day (50kWh/kg) enough to fill up 12k plus cars.  Demand for electrolysers  is expected to rise thanks to increasing industrial demand for green hydrogen, see the Dutch 3-4GW ambition by 2030.

A week earlier California and 18 other U.S. states announced to challenge a Trump administration proposal to weaken fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks and force states into line, arguing the United States has an obligation to protect the environment for future generations.  Many U.S. states adopted California’s emission rules, and together they make up  one third of the U.S. auto market.

“The Trump Administration has launched a brazen attack, no matter how it is cloaked, on our nation’s Clean Car Standards,” said California’s attorney general, Xavier Becerra. California “will use every legal tool at its disposal” to defend strict standards, he said in a statement.

Photo: courtesy Areva