The first HyUnder Workshop on “Underground Hydrogen Storage and European geological mapping” was hosted on 12 March 2013 by E.ON Gas Storage and held at the former E.ON Ruhrgas HQ in Essen, Germany.

The Workshop was divided in two sessions:

  • Session 1 was steered by KBB UT leader of Work Package 3. Geological options for underground hydrogen storage were discussed and compared including salt caverns, depleted oil and gas fields, aquifers and lined rock caverns. Participants also explored a preliminary set of criteria for a benchmarking geological storage options. It was shown that several hydrogen storage options exist for the different geologies in Europe.
  • During Session 2, representatives of DEEP leader of work package 4, provided the audience with insights on geological mapping of hydrogen underground storagepotential in Europe.

In the context of the HyUnder project, a series of professional Workshops will be organised to discuss the project results and receive feedback from supporting partners. HyUnder workshops are closed to the public and upon invitation only for HyUnder partners, supporting partners and specialists, this facilitates exchange of views among participants.

In an effort to increase the project visibility at the European level and promote knowledge of hydrogen storage, HyUnder will be promoted in a number of conferences and events across Europe by project participantsTo find out where you the next meetings are follow this link.

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