The UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (UK HFCA) has managed to secure a dedicated inquiry into hydrogen and fuel cells and their role in a holistic energy system by the Science and Technology Committee.

The Committee received over 70 ideas for new inquiries through the “My Science Inquiry” Open Call and selected nine for further consideration. These nine participated in a Dragons’ Den-style pitch process, from which ‘the role for hydrogen and fuel cells in a holistic energy system’ was selected as the subject of an Inquiry to be launched in the coming months.

Amanda Lyne, chair of the UK HFCA said: ‘ We’ve been campaigning on the importance of hydrogen and fuel cells as innovative cross-sector solutions with a range of stakeholders, and are delighted that the role of hydrogen and fuel cells in a holistic energy system has been selected amongst numerous proposals for an Inquiry. This Inquiry will give the UK hydrogen and fuel cell industry and others the opportunity to demonstrate the potential for these innovative solutions to decarbonize the heat, power and transport sectors in a cost-efficient way, and in parallel, will explore how the Government’s approach can be better coordinated to deliver optimal outcomes. We look forward to working closely with the Committee and the Government on next steps.’


Photo Credit: BBC