The new UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association (UK HFCA) was launched this week as the result of the merger of Fuel Cells UK and the UK Hydrogen Association. The new industry body will provide a common voice for the sector, advocating a positive social, political and economic environment for the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cells in the UK.  With a membership comprising the leading fuel cell and hydrogen companies in the UK as well as a range of stakeholders, from energy utilities to component developers, fuel suppliers and others involved both directly and indirectly in the industry, the newly formed UK HFCA has greater influence over key public and private stakeholders to support hydrogen energy and fuel cell research. 
The UK HFCA aims to provide an authoritative point of contact and a clear, informed and current view on research, development and demonstration priorities for Government, other funding agencies and key influencers. 
 Prior to the merger, Fuel Cells UK utilised its collective industry voice at national and international level, working alongside the Treasury to successfully identify appropriate support mechanisms for fuel cells and lobbying Government on the introduction of feed-in tariffs for low carbon technologies. The UK Hydrogen Association, prior to the merger, collaborated internationally and made significant progress towards defining routes for low carbon hydrogen delivered at competitive costs, doing much to demonstrate that this can be achieved safely, and diversifying energy options for consumers.
“The UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association has the breadth of capability to shape the climate agenda today and drive hydrogen deployment and fuel cell commercialisation towards the low carbon economy of tomorrow,” said Dennis Hayter, newly appointed Chair of the UK HFCA. “We now have a common voice with which to ensure the industry receives all the support necessary to realise the tremendous potential it offers in meeting low carbon objectives in the UK.”