Toyota will launch the Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car in September, although numbers will be strictly limited. Around 100 will come to Europe a year for the first two years, with the UK taking 20-30. Pricing is likely to be £45,000 to £50,000. Partners will be carefully selected – most will be in and around London – with a view to having users who can play a vital role as a catalyst for change, said Matt Harrison, Toyota GB president and managing director.

 The Mirai, which made its European debut at the Geneva motor show in March, has a fuelling time of less than three minutes and a 300-mile range; the issue is a lack of a refuelling infrastructure. The UK will have around 15 hydrogen refuelling stations by the end of 2016 as part of an £11 million investment jointly funded by the Government and industry, rising to 65-70 by 2020. At present there are just three sites offering public access.