At the plenary session of the Annual Stakeholders General Meeting of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint. Jacques Pierearts, vice president of Toyoto Motor Europe, confirmed the remark of Tesla’s Elon Musk  that hydrogen is “bullshit”: indeed hydrogen can be produced of many energy sources, independent from fossil fuels and  including biomass like bullshit . He also pointed to the role of FCEV in his company’s commitment to the EU’s 95% of emission reduction target by 2050 in transport. 700 FC Mirais are being produced this year scaling up to 30.000 per year in 2020.  In order to accelerate FCEV production in general Toyota has released a number of FCEV patents in the public domain.
US Deputy Energy Secretary Reuben Sarkar questions pricing H2 as a commodity, Mohrdieck reported on the agreement with Daimler Work Council, the company’s labour representation, to work on FC cars in Nabern. He indicated his company’s focus on improved combustion engines, battery powered and fuel cel powered cars referring to the more favoarable energy efficency of BEV and Daimler view that therefor customer requirements will be the decisive factor in commercial roll out.
Annemie Turtelboom, Flemish vice president responsible for Energy, who laid the first stone for the firt public hydrogen station near Brussels last month,  talked about the grid challenges in BEV recharging that a study of the University of Leuven recently pointed to and the opportunities in her region with regards to hydrogen production and distribution.
Prof. Mohrdieck responsible for FCEV development announced the agreement between with Daimler management and the company’s Works Council to work on FC cars in Nabern.  He indicated that custoemr requirements will determine the EV market roll out with refernece to choices between BEV and FCEV.
Annemie Turtelboom Flemish of Energy referred to grid challenges in BEV recharging and hydorgen production and distribution network in Flanders.