Umicore and Solvay announced in July that they have their respective 50 % share in the joint daughter company SolviCore to the Japanese company Toray. SolviCore was founded in 2006 and is specialized in membrane electrolyte assemblies (MEA). MEAs are used for fuel cells and electrolysis.

Solvicore was made into a new company, Greenerity GmbH, effective July 1. Toray aims to expand the business in the field of hydrogen technology for, according to a press release, „realizing the coming hydrogen society“. The capacities of Toray and its new subsidiary fit together well to do this.

Toray aims to expand the business in the said field by generating synergy in the fuel cell and related fields by leveraging the two companies’ products and technological capabilities.

The name of the new company, Greenerity, signifies the Group’s intention to create a society that is gentler to the environment by adding “–ity” (an abstract noun word ending) to “Greener” (gentler to the environment). Within its product line Greenerity , SolviCore develops and supplies products for four different applications: hydrogen- and reformate-  fuel cells as well as for PEM-water-electrolysis. These components for fuel cells are manufactured on specially developed or adapted pilot production lines.

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