When: 25 October, 2011

The 4th conference gathering the hydrogen and fuel cell experts of the North will take place in Malmö, Sweden on 25 to 26 October 2011.

This is the unique opportunity to meet with researchers, industrial actors and decision makers working within this field in the Nordic countries. The Nordic fuel cell hydrogen conference has served as an important and popular assemblage to the network since 2003 and the turn has now come to Malmö to host this 4th meeting. Malmö and the south of Sweden is one of the regions in northern Europe pushing the market for hydrogen in the transport sector and together with its neighbor Denmark the region can show several successful industries in the fuel cell and hydrogen business.

During the first decade of this millennium fuel cell technology has moved from a theoretical niche, through the phase of lab-tests and demonstrations. This clean and efficient technology has been developed to meet environmental and commercial criteria through trial and error. Demonstrations have brought in valuable lessons and finally the equipment is emerging on the market.
This year’s conference will focus on the market roll out of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies, an early market perspective – ongoing research and demonstration, including industrial products and product development, hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, fuel cells and hydrogen end-use as well as hydrogen system aspects

We will also give you the latest news and highlights from Brussels and the FCH JTI General Assembly (the European Commission’s Fuels Cell & Hydrogen Joint Technology Initiative), which takes place shortly before this event.
Representatives from the fuel cell and hydrogen industry will be represented on the speaker list along with other hydrogen stakeholders and researchers from all of the Nordic countries. Presentations will be held in parallel sessions.

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