The TEN-T Days 2011 “Connecting Europe: Putting Europe’s economy on the move” will be hosted by the European Commission in Antwerp, Belgium on November 29 and 30th 2011.

The conference will allow Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas, Ministers, Members of the European Parliament and stakeholders to discuss and start preparing for the new TEN-T framework and instruments proposed by the Commission in October 2011 in the TEN-T Guidelines and the Connecting Europe Facility Regulations. Commissioner Siim Kallas will be present to launch the event and present a few words on the TEN-T program and the Connecting Europe Facility.  Each following session will be moderated by key European Commission Officials titled “Planning, regulating, funding: a policy framework for European infrastructure policy”, “Implementing the core network:the core network corridors”, and “Transport: a growth engine for Europe”.

They will discuss how the new planning framework and the increase of robust implementation tools will ensure that common efforts to focus  on infrastructure will be of the highest EU ‘added value’. They will also examine how the new financial instruments can be mobilised more effectively as part of a consistent strategy that pulls together EU and national, public and private funding and financing.

Parallel workshops will take place throughout both days with different topical focus. Sven Wolf, HyER Board member will be present and take part as speaker within the Innovation and new Technologies for TEN-T (workshop 4).

More information on event if found via: TEN-T Days 2011 Antwerp