In the corridors of recent motorshows whispers on who would build the FC TESLA have  become increasing vocal. So they did it again…. out of the stalls of one of Italy’s famous car engineering firms, the one that put Paris Autolib on the BEV map, Italian Pininfarina on Super Tuesday, March 1, 2016, launched the H2 Speed. In partnership with GreenGT, a Franco-Swiss specialist in electric powertrain outfit.  Pininfarina describes the carbonfibre “H2 Speed”as being ‘halfway between a racing prototype and a production supercar.’ A  fuel cell dubbed ‘Full Hydrogen Power’ consisting of of two electric motors (total of 500bhp), a lightweight two-stack fuel cell and a braking energy recuperation system.  And yes, also refuelling is fast: under 3 minutes. Will this be the car that will fire the shots to increased FCEV presence and awe and ahh’s on Europe’s streets?  The 40% increase in the number of public hydrogen refuelling station last year demonstrates growing commitment of industry to provide the basics for eager customers that already nerve Toyota’s FCEV production capacitiy. New proposals to develop BENELUX and Scandinavian H2 corridors are on the TEN T table, after the approval of three H2 corridors proposals with a total budget of over 60 mln last year.  But the “boys” will need to provide the “toys.”…..and they will if governments, as in California, nudge them with zero emission vehicle quota. The EHA team will be eying its Italian national association member for a H2 Speed drive and ride to nudge Brussels!