SunHydro announced an agreement with Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. (TMS) to place ten (10) Toyota Advanced Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles (FCHV-adv) in the Connecticut area this fall. The vehicles will support the new SunHydro solar-powered hydrogen fueling station, located at Proton Energy Systems’ headquarters in Wallingford, CT. Proton Energy Systems is a supplier of on-site hydrogen generation. SunHydro is a chain of privately funded fueling stations that provide hydrogen to fuel cell cars, producing hydrogen “on-site” using solar and water. 
 “This is a big step for Connecticut, our country, and the overall evolution of alternative fuels in the U.S.,” said Tom Sullivan, SunHydro founder and Proton Energy Systems owner. “We are very excited to partner with Toyota on this initiative, which will help connect people with hydrogen fuel cell technology,” said Sullivan. SunHydro is leading the development of an East Coast Hydrogen Highway, which will make it possible to drive a fuel cell vehicle from Maine to Florida. The Wallingford, CT station will be the first station on this Highway. When completed, the Highway series of SunHydro stations will be the world’s first privately funded network of hydrogen fueling stations. “We are looking forward to helping to lead the charge for solar-powered hydrogen fuel by building infrastructure that makes this alternative fuel more accessible to the general consumer,” said Michael Grey, President of SunHydro. The FCHV-adv vehicles in Connecticut are part of a Toyota nationwide fuel cell demonstration program that will place more than 100 vehicles over the next three years. The ten fuel cell vehicles will be kept in Connecticut and will be used by SunHydro/Proton Energy Systems staff, in addition to other community members. For more information see: link