The EHA participated in the Stakeholders Meeting that was organized by DG MOVE to present the EU efforts in establishing a Strategic Transport Technology Plan (STTP)  on May 24, 2010.  The STTP,  scheduled to be published by mid 2011 and adopted November 30, 2011,  will be a strategic framework for future transport research, innovation and deployment, based on a vision for an integrated, efficient and environmentally friendly European transport system by 2050.  The STTP will have three components:
1. proposals for a set of leading-edge technologies;
2. identification of the related policy, financial and organisational requirements;
3. proposals for the implementation of the plan.

The following Research and Innovation areas are being considered

1. Transport and IT systems

2. Smart systems /infrastructure : intelligent hubs

3. Safety security

4. Sustianale alternative fuels including infrastructure

5. Urban mobility

6. Clean and safe and silent modes

7. Exploratory and strategic issues

The STTP will deal with transport technology in a holistic way, which means that it will also take into account the social, environmental and institutional context in which the technologies are applied. The STTP will include roadmaps for each of the leading-edge technologies identified, which will cover the full “innovation chain”. It will help to facilitate coordination of public and private research and innovation efforts across Europe. The  STTP consultation deadline is May 28, 2011. More information on the STTP website