At a seminar at the EU Parliament on April 15, organised by Spanish MEP Teresa Riera Madurell, the Spanish Secretary General for Industry, Teresa Santero, presented her government’s strong support for the development of the electric car.  Although indicating that hydrogen technology will be supported in the future,  the need for fast action on the market development of clean vehicles will require immediate  financial and regulatory support at all levels of the first commercial battery vehicles according to Ms. Santero. The EU Commission representative Philippe Jean, Director of the Automotive Unit of the Directorate for Enterprise and Industry, replied that indeed electric vehicles will come, both battery eletric cars as well as  fuel cell vehicles, and that it will be important to identify how and when this will happen. Mr. Jean mentioned that the EU is  facilitating standardisation and supports the development of electricity storage technology.  He also indicated that Commissioner Tajani will inform the EU Parliament about the new  strategy already the end of April and the EU Competiitiveness Council of May 25 will discuss the strategy. A representative of the European Transmission System operators ENTSOE  pointed to the need for controlled recharging of battery vehicles and the investments required to reinforce the grid to allow large numbers to plug in to electricity net. The EHA has submitted a postion paper to the Commission emphasizing the need for coordinated infrastructure development for battery and fuel cell hydrogen vehicles.