At the FCH JU and Shift2Rail workshop on The FCH JU latest study on hydrogen powered trains on May 17, 2019 in Brussels Siemens announced that its Mireo Plus hydrogen train should be ready for business by the end of this year. “The market is huge!” according to Siemens’ Katrin Seegers. Mark Kammerer of Hydrogenics mentioend that New  Zealand with geothermal hydrogen, Australia, N.Korea and Chian are lining up to start using hydrogen in  larger applications as well.

was presented on May 17, 2019 with the presence of DG MOVE director general Henrik Hololei.

France, German and Austrian railways referred to the need to stay close to the Total Cost of Ownership close to diesel. 4000 diesel trains need to be retrofitted in the coming years in Europe. Austria has 80 diesel multiple unit trains to be retrofitted: Deutsche Bahn still needs to do a viability studies for their number of diesel trins to be changed The ideal mixture of alternatives for the remaining diesel lines.

Of the total of  34.000 km railways in Germanu 59% electrified and 36% of the regional trains aresti diesel. As in the regions of Heide where only 376 km of 1275 km of railways is electrified. To electrify one km of railways will cost between €1 – 2 mln.  DG MOVE will support more synergy topics in the new CEF programme to link energy and transport networks in the future that will link large hydrogen production locations with large hydrogen industrial and transport demand.