The EHA at the annual EU SET Plan Conference heard even Claude Turmes, one of Europe’s most knowledgeable and energetic MEP’s monitoring EU’s renewable energy ambitions, calling for more support of innovative SME’s, read FC and H2 companies!. “Without support for new innovation and implementation of of new technologies Europe will miss the boat:!” as he referred to the 20 GW  of wind power and 20 GW of solar power that were installed in China in 2014. The SET Plan conference panel on the first day,  September 21, 2015, referred to the challenges and opportunities in transferring Europe’s  energy net.  Patrick Graichen of Agora EnergieWende mentioned that during the solar eclipse of March 20 in 2015, TSOs had to balance the unusually speedy loss of solar energy from the grid during the eclipse, beginning at 9am Brussels time. The swift loss of around 17 GW was then followed by an even speedier (three times the normal maximum) reintegration of 25GW solar generation as the shadow completed its course. The eclipse event concluded at 12:00pm Brussels time, but the TSOs were still precision-balancing the fluctuating energy on the wires. No major disruptions in the net were reported. Grid operators expect more of these disruptions that will require storage and grid balancing software solutions. According to Philippe Rosier of Solvay indicated that the Energy Union needs to include a true competitions between energy technologies. On the second day DG MOVE director Magda Kopczynska commented on the presentation of Fabio Ferrara of Symbio Fuel Cells referring to the need to increase awareness of the role of hydrogen of national policy makers in EU Member States. The EHA is currently mobilizing EHA’ national association members to ensure that correct information is communicated to the EU Commission on current status of hydrogen infrastructure deployment, to support the work on the EU Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive national policy frameworks.