Regions and municipalities in the Öresund – Kattegat – Skagerrak area have expressed a political will to enforce the use of emission-free vehicles. Next Move is therefore launched today – an EU-funded project that facilitates cooperation across borders to meet strategic challenges like purchasing and service, for the regions and municipalities that want to become early users of these vehicles. The international automotive industry is working with determination towards electric cars and city buses, which are considered the best solution – technically, environmentally and economically.

The combination of batteries charged with electricity and fuel cells fueled by hydrogen, gives a local emission consisting of water. They are also a strong competitor to current fossil vehicles in terms of comfort and safety. This type of cars and buses are now available for demonstration projects and car manufacturers promise a small series production from 2015 on wards. But technical development alone is not sufficient for these vehicles to reach market introduction – the infrastructure and users of the vehicles must be in place as well.

Source: Press Release