At this year’s Annual General Assembly on June 28, 2013 in Brussels, during the EU Sustainable Energy Week,  the EHA will highlight the activities of its various national associations in the development of national H2Mobility programs that are currently under way in several  countries in Europe.  Over the last year the EHA, in collaboration with HyER, has supported the development of the first hydrogen project funded by the EU Trans European Network for Transport (TEN T), the HIT project (Hydrogen Infrastructure for Transport), that is supported by four countries along a 1000 km TEN T corridor from Gothenburg to Rotterdam. The project, that was signed of by the Ministries of Transport and Infrastructure of Sweden, Denmark and France and is coordinated by the Netherlands, is seeking to harmonize National Implementation Plans for the build up of hydrogen refueling stations.  These NIP’s seek to identify sustainable market deployment strategies that involve the most important national stakeholders, including SME and are linked to the strategies of neighbouring countries. The role of national associations, in ensuring that all relevant national stakeholders are engaged in this process,  has been proven crucial. The EHA will also address the Green Paper “A 2030 framework for climate and energy policies” [COM(2013) 169] with regards to the role of hydrogen. A public consultation on this dossier is running till July 2, 2013 with a set of specific questions including on the development of differentiated targets per Member State. The EHA Activity Plan for 2014 will include specific support actions to assist national member associations in ensuring that the use of hydrogen will be further supported by future national and EU legislators.