On September 3 , close to a TEN T corridor (afslag 19 A15) near Rotterdam,  the first Dutch public hydrogen, built and operated by Air Liquide, was opened by Dutch State Secretary of Infrastructure and Environment Wilma Mansveld. The station co-funded by the EU TEN T program and part of the first hydrogen TEN T project (HIT) uses the hydrogen of Air Liquide’s hydrogen pipeline network and is able to fill more than 50 cars per day. The opening saw speeches of Deltalinqs, the Rotterdam Climate Initiative and a local council member, a chemical engineer who initially had doubts but became convinced and engaged many locals to join the opening under sunny skies and sparkling French wine. The Dutch Ministry will fill up two Hyundai ix35 FC cars at the station, while in the future also fuel cell buses will join the the first clientele. The station is linking Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands via Germany with the UK and France. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment is currently chairing a Government Support Group that seeks to align national roll out plans and identify the right funding schemes.