When: 27 June, 2017   Where: Kehlbergstrasse 35, 8054 Graz

Almost 12 years after the first conference was held in Charlotte, North Carolina, hydrail, the International Hydrogen Rail Conference is at its next major junction. Wheras so far following the path of individual demonstrators, the last two years have seen a dramatic acceleration. We have now a a small fleet of of hydrail street trolleys operating in the Carribbean,  the recent technology and market advances in Germany and the announcements from China and elsewhere in the world signal the start of potential market uptake.

At this conference you will learn more from the pioneers and how they are starting to implement their visions and how in doing so they will influence the rail world. The program is such that all major aspects will be covered from the overall hydrogen system vision down to critical component technology, hydrogen supply issues and regional or national initiatives. The EHA will present new EU opportunities in linking clean energy infrastructure with clean transport infrastructure. Book your tickets now!