This May the EU Commission started the first national rounds with alternative fuel stakeholders to support its ambitions in alternative fuel infrastructure development as included in its proposal for Clean Power for Transport. The Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, with the support of the EHA, is organising one of the first of these meetings where fuel cell and hydrogen sector representatives will meet with the Commission on June 21 in Milan to discuss hydrogen refuelling station rollout in the coming years.  These meetings  are a good example of the role EHA national member associations could play in bringing together key stakeholders to ensure an economically, environmentally sustainable hydrogen infrastructure build up involving SME and regional and local decision makers. In view of the Commission ambitions in its recent Communication on Energy technologies and Innovation (COM (2013) 253) with regards to developing an Integrated Roadmap that consolidate the roadmaps for all energy technologies developed under the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan and the proposed  Action Plan on coordinated and/or joint investments by mid-2014, by individual Member States, between Member States and with the EU, the EHA has invited the EU Commission to join its Annual General Assembly on June 28, 2013 to discuss the role of national associations in this process.