At the age of 24, Ferdinand Porsche, built his first car for Lohner & C°, an electric car… already the same year, he designed a second vehicle with a hybrid gasoline-electric propulsion system, called the Lohner-Porsche. A 113 years later, Porsche launches a new hybrid model, the 918.  An exhibition on this journey will start on December 6 in the Autoworld museum in Brussels, location of the FCH JU program review days and Stakeholder General meeting November 11-13. FCEV developments in the FCH JU progam shows of a more steady technology focussed path ;  FCEV range reaching into the 500 km for the larger vehicles (H2MovesScandinavia project), warranty for fuel cells going up to 15.000hrs and 50% fuel efficiency improvement in FC bus operations compared to 3 years ago (CHIC) and new OEM’s entering FC projects: two projects presented Volvo’s interest in APU fuel cell systems, both PEM as well as solid oxide fuel cells, for trucks in view of new openings in the US market as trucks are not allowed to idle on their diesel engines at trucker’s stops.