The EU technology and Innovation Partnership for the Energy Transition and smart Networks,  ETIP SNET , which prioritizes research and innovation in smart networks and sector coupling, presented its Implementation Plan (IP) 2017-2020 on October 5, 2018  during European Utility Week 2017 in Amsterdam. The IP is the result of a long and wide-ranging consultation process.

“The Implementation Plan is a comprehensive plan which can serve as a reference for all funding organisations (EU, national, regional and even global) interested in short-term R&I priorities for all system and market aspects of the energy transition enabled by smart in the energy networks and sector coupling”, said Konstantin Staschus, ETIP SNET Chairman, today while presenting the IP at the European Utility Week 2017 in Amsterdam.

Over the last year, more than 200 ETIP SNET members, through various working groups, took part in the IP’s elaboration. In a second review phase, the paper also gathered nearly 70 responses from all stakeholders of the energy system via an online public consultation. This makes it a widely recognised report by all the actors of the energy transition.

The following four key priorities, which R&I projects, should focus on in the future are identified via 39 different “topics”:

1. High-Renewable Energy Sources (RES) And Empowered End-User Energy System: Governance and Market Design.
2. Digitalisation of the Energy System.
3. Integrated Grid with improved interfaces between Energy System Components.
4. Improved components of the Energy System.

Photo: courtesy TSO2020 project, Groningen