Om May 3-4, 2016, JRC organised a workshop “Power-to-Hydrogen: key challenges and next steps” to present the outcomes of the Sector Forum Energy Management (SFEM) Working Group (WG) on Hydrogen. The workshop focused on Power to Hydrogen (P2H) as a  contribution to the challenging management of increased integration of intermittent renewable energy sources in the overall energy system. In 2015 a CEN/CENELEC SFEM Working Group looked at providing concrete proposals to address research and standardization needs for P2H. In the workshop the appropriate follow-up actions of the SFEM/WG Hydrogen were discussed. The goal was to establish an implementation plan for the SFEM/WG Hydrogen for 2016+ to ensure the relevant actions are taken. In addition, specific actions are to be determined related to one of the identified priority topics, namely legal and certification issue of Power-to-Hydrogen. More than 60 experts from research, industry, standardization and policy participated to the workshop. The presentations during the workshop can be found here. DG Energy principle advisor Tudor Constantinescu pointed to the relevant Energy Union actions releated to power to gas:
• A new Electricity market design
• Strengthen European regulatory framework
• Alternative fuels & integration of energy and transport sectors
• Renewables package 2016-2017
–  Self-consumption
–  Bioenergy sustainability
–  Post 2020 RES legal framework
• Initiative on global technology and innovation leadership on energy and climate.