AFC Energy is preparing to build a stationary alkaline fuel cell power plant of ca. 500kWe in Stade, Germany, where Air Products operates an industrial gas processing plant that sources Hydrogen from an adjoining major chemicals complex operated by Dow Chemicals.

This installation is part of the Power-Up Programme, an €11.55 million project backed with €6.14 million from the EU. This is AFC Energy’s leading project to generate and supply electricity by using surplus Hydrogen produced at a major chemical plant. When installed, the Stade plant will be one of the world’s largest alkaline fuel cell power systems. Project POWER-UP will last for 51 months, from April 2013 to June 2017. During this time the fuel cell system will be installed in two phases and operated continuously for a significant length of time to further prove the commercial and technical viability of this technology.

The unit in Germany will be a demonstration unit of AFC’s KORE module technology. Composed of two 250kWe KORE modules, the plant will have a nominal capacity of ca. 500kWe and will use a direct supply of >99% pure Hydrogen provided by the Air Products facility. The KORE unit consists of three independent levels comprising eight fuel cell cartridges which can produce about 10kWe power output per cartridge. Each level will therefore produce approximately 80kW DC which will be routed through a dedicated inverter per level before being supplied to a local industrial end user or the German power grid via a single step up transformer per KORE Unit.

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