PowerUp project aims to develop the Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G) interface, involving a full development cycle of physical/link-layer specification, charging control protocol design, prototyping, conformance testing, field trials, and standardisation.

The latest updates:

• Successfully commissioned and commenced operation of first KORE fuel cell system in Stade, Germany

• Historic Milestone 9 achieved – Phase-1 POWER-UP programme

• AFC still on target to achieve first full commercial scale operability of KORE module (final Milestone 11) in late 2015

AFC Energy is the industrial fuel cell power company  announced that it has successfully commissioned and commenced operation of its first KORE fuel cell system in Stade, Germany.

This milestone marks the achievement of nearly a decade’s investment in the AFC fuel cell system which, when fully operational in late 2015, will be the world’s largest alkaline fuel cell system operating at an industrial facility selling power into the national electricity grid.

The initial output target of the KORE by the end of July 2015 was set at 7.5kW to 15kW, however this was based on a forecast of two cartridges.  To achieve this target with just one cartridge is great news for the technology.

The overview of the achievements of 11 Milestones can be found hereafter:

NO Milestone Timing Status
1 Confirm that cartridges can achieve operating temperature using heat produced from fuel cell reactions -i.e. no external heat applied.(KORE system start-up involves the cartridges self-heating until they achieve operating temperature). Dec 2014 Achieved
2 Appoint engineering consultant to commence design package for POWER-UP programme in Stade, Germany Dec 2014 Achieved
3 Commence operational performance monitoring of a 50 cell stack within an industrial gas plant environment. Jan 2015 Achieved
4 Commence operational performance monitoring of a 100 cell stack (up to 51 live cells) within the new KORE cartridge (first time), with this trial to take place within an industrial gas plant environment. Feb / March 2015 Achieved
5 Commence construction of POWER-UP facilities, utilities and connections at Stade, Germany (subject to timely permitting and consents). Feb 2015 Achieved
6 Conclude construction of POWER-UP facilities, utilities and connections at Stade, Germany. May 2015 Achieved
7 Commence installation of POWER-UP KORE system at Stade, Germany. May 2015 Achieved
8 Commissioning of POWER-UP KORE at Stade, Germany. June 2015 Achieved
9 Commence Phase 1 – POWER-UP programme. [Emphasis on initial production of power and associated testing prior to increasing power output in Phase 2] July 2015 Achieved
10 Commence Phase 2 – POWER-UP programme  Q4 2015 In Progress
11 Achieve first commercial scale operability of KORE module as part of POWER-UP programme Dec 2015 In progress

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