The Portugese Hydrogen Association APH2 published the “Lisbon Statement on Hydrogen” to draw governments  attentioin to the need to speed up the support for sustainable hydrogen infrastrucutre developments. The statement urges  overnments  to boost directly
or indirectly the implementation of a Hydrogen based Economy.
• Governments should make efforts to balance their trend in decreasing carbon dioxide emissions with the implementation of effective technological and scientific programmes to promote the creation of a real Hydrogen based energy network.
• Governments should foster university graduation and post-graduation courses in
the field of Energy and promote experimental research in the field. Taking into account the multidisciplinary characteristics of the subject, and the traditional organization of universities in distinct departments, it is strongly recommended the creation of autonomous
Departments of Energy, which should lead the above mentioned graduation and post-graduation curricula in interaction with the other traditional departments. This process is well inspired in what universities did in the recent past with the creation of some successful new departments, as for instance the Environment ones.
• The Governments policies regarding the implementation of the Hydrogen Economy should assure that in case it comes from hydrocarbon transformations giving rise to carbon dioxide emissions, these must be sequestrated for further uses, or injected into the subsoil.

• Governments should prepare legislation in order to assure that fuel production raw materials and energy production devices must be taxed accordingly to the amount of produced carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases; for example, computing the tax from the electric energy equivalent price, taking into account the usual production in a thermoelectric power plant.
• These policies will significantly contribute to assure a trend to carbon-free energy technologies based on a vision of
a truly competitive economy, enabling global development.

• Energy based industries and related technological research centres should be encouraged to work in collaboration with the new university Energy Departments already proposed.

Those who agree with the Lisbon Statement for Hydrogen and Clean Energies are invited to do everything possible to contribute for dissemination of the ideas outlined in the present document.