Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies recently intoduced a palm-size universal portable power charger and power extender for ANY electronic device requiring up to 2W of power. Devices compatible with the MiniPak include cellphones,smartphones,GPS handhelds, and MP3 players. New opportunities also exist to disconnect hundreds of practical USB powered “apps” from PCs and laptops and bring them with you in off-grid settings. These include a number of creative USB lighting devices, USB fans, USB speaker systems for MP3 players or smartphones, and many more. The MiniPAK device integrates a passive air-breathing fuel cell and a metal hydride storage unit, where hydrogen is stored as part of the metal alloy.

The MiniPak DC power output is 2W (5V, 400mA), delivered through standard micro-USB port and a multi-choice cable. The device is supplied with 2 refillable and ready to use solid state hydrogen cartridges.While a cartridge replacement and filling infrastructure develops, Horizon took the extra step to develop a home refueling system called “HydroFILL” – sold as a separate accessory for added convenience. The MiniPAK is positioned to address gaps in providing energy “on the go” to power-hungry device users, as well as a low cost energy storage option for emergency and long duration off-grid power users.

Minipak, Hydrofill and Hydrostik fuel cell devices will be available
to buy by the end of this year. Pre-orders for the Minipak are being
taken now and the first shipments are expected to be made next month.

The Minipak, a charging device that integrates a passive
air-breathing fuel cell and a ‘solid-state’ hydrogen storage unit, is
available to pre-order for $99.99, while the Hydrofill
water-to-hydrogen-to-power converter can be ordered for $499.99.

Source: www.horizonfuelcell.com