On the eve of the COP22 and its technology transfer negotiations to move clean technology to emerging economies,  Plug Power on November 16 2016  announced that its modular ProGen fuel cell engine technology, previously only available in its own products, will now be available to global customers for use in mobility and stationary power fuel cell systems.

“We are now offering ProGen fuel cell system components to independent companies as the flexible power building blocks for their motive and stationary products under development. ProGen is a key part of our future growth due to its robust and cost-effective simplicity as well as the positive impact it makes to our company’s profitability,” said Andy Marsh, CEO at Plug Power.

Plug Power initially began shipping products with its ProGen fuel cell engine technology in the fourth quarter of 2015. Currently, the ProGen fuel cell technology, based on proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology, is rapidly becoming incorporated into Plug Power’s GenDrive and GenSure products. In the first half of 2016, approximately 40 percent of the GenDrive units shipped to mobility customers around the world included a ProGen engine. Plug Power expects to see this trend continue, growing ProGen powered GenDrive system shipments to approximately 70 percent by the end of 2016.

The Company will have deployed 2,500 ProGen engines in GenDrive fuel cells by the end of 2016, and is anticipating 50 percent growth in ProGen shipments in 2017.