On 5 January 2018, customers of Plug Power surpassed the 10 millionth hydrogen fill with the GenFuel dispenser for GenDrive-powered forklifts. This means that every 5.7 seconds, an industrial electric vehicle is refueling at a Plug Power station. Plug Power reports that the GenFuel dispensers have saved customers hundreds of years in changing traditional batteries, and thousands of years in charging them. In the future, Plug Power is hoping to expand its work with airport ground-support equipment, automated guided vehicles, and on-road delivery vans in order to increase the market for hydrogen fuel cells. In other FC Forklift news on 20 December 2017, industrial gas producer, Linde, has joined the Clean Intralogisistics Net (CIN). CIN is the association of German companies involved with the hydrogen sector. The now 12 partners work to promote the introduction and development of hydrogen-run industrial trucks and materials handling vehicles. Wolfgang Axthammer, Managing Director of NOW GmbH, which coordinates CIN, explains that “In the area of intralogistics, the deployment of fuel cell technology lets carbon emissions be reduced by at least 25 percent, allows productivity to be increased, reduces the space requirements for the recharging infrastructure while recharging times can be simultaneously significantly decreased. With Linde, we have secured a further strong partner to help promote these highly-efficient applications.”