And Milan and Paris and London and Copenhagen and Barcelona on October 23, 2017 at a C40 meeting pledged to transition to Fossil-Fuel-Free Streets by:
1) procuring, with our partners, only zero-emission buses from 2025; and
2) ensuring a major area of our city is zero emission by 2030.

According to C40, “as cities continue to grow they are becoming more congested, with people spending more time in traffic. A study across the US, UK, France and Germany showed that congestion on our roads is costing the economy on average almost one percent of GDP. This is not only holding back our economies through lost time and productivity, but also harming our health and the environment through worsening air pollution. Recent data shows that dirty air leads to almost 4.5 million premature deaths a year and afflicts many more, particularly children, with illnesses such as asthma.”

At the same event  in the presence of IOC President Thomas Bach, the cities’ mayors, Anne Hidalgo (Paris) and Eric Garcetti (Los Angeles), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Olympic cooperation (photo courtesy of Getty images).

Brussels airport Zaventem after protests by Belgian bus builders decided for 30 BYD electric buses, contracts are sigend in the coming weeks after a court decision that denied claims that differences in costs were inadequately indicated. BYD buses were supposed selling at € 330.000 33% less than Belgian competitor VLD.