Recent announcements, from the kick off of the first commercial joint venture to develop Germany’s 400 HRS network by 2023, to the winning provider of the first public hydrogen station provider in Paris (EHA member McPhy), hydrogen infrastructure development in Europe is reaching important milestones that will change the H2 game in Europe. As conventional solutions will prove increasingly difficult to lobby in Brussel, a realistic but ambitious joint message, together with car manufacturers, on potential short term EU market introductions, spread around Europe, is urgently needed. A clear and joint voice will increase investment interest in embarking on a feasible road to reduce emissions visibly by offering proven H2 technology. The EU’s “Boosting Investments in Europe”  event on October 22, 2015 in Brussels, demonstrated that future project budget levels in hydrogen infrastructure need to increase dramatically to take full advantage of the EIB’s new innovative funding possibilities. Developing economically and environmentally sustainable links between clean energy and clean transport could provide interesting opportunities to arrive at these bigger budgets.  In this respect the HRS business casse tool that is being developed by the HIT2 Corridors project on the EHA national member associations, among which the French AFHYPAC platform as an excellent example, have already identified many important energy and transport stakeholders to raise the H2 voice in a joint manner: the location of the first Paris station this December will soon become another fashionable, no smell, no noise, tourist attraction …..see Toyota video on the EHA homepage for inspiration!