“Paris” in view of last week’s tragedy and bipartisan call for change, in 2015 hopefully will live up to its City of Light fame facilitating a step change not only towards sustainable migration/integration but also towards sustainable mitigation/adaptation. As the Lima UNFCCC COP 20 meeting, concluded at the end of last year on a slow step towards a new Kyoto agreement, the Paris COP 21 meeting this December is put under pressure to ensure an adequate global response.   On 26 November 2014,  the  European  Parliament  (EP) adopted   a resolution providing a road map  for the 20th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 20) in Lima.  Giovanni LaVia, EP environment committee chair and head of the delegation said that “in Lima, our challenge will be to convince all Parties and other stakeholders that we need to agree on and implement an ambitious climate policy, first and foremost in order to save our planet, but also to create jobs and foster sustainable growth”. The resolution  reiterates  that all countries, particularly EU Member States, must take collective but measured action to drive inclusive and sustainable growth recognizing the need for a “participatory approach”  in a new global climate framework. The EU 2030 Climate and Energy ambition, including EU fuel quality targets, will be depending on the outcome of the Paris COP 21 meeting, according to the EU Council conclusions of last October. The EHA is partnering with the UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre and Network, that is offering technical assistance to emerging economies to implement CO2 reducing solutions, to ensure the visibility of the role of hydrogen and fuel cells in reducing emissions. In view of the national plans that Member States will need to develop by 2017 to comply with the Directive on the deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure and the Energy and Climate 2030 dossier, the EHA together with its national member associations will initiate targeted action in 2015  to facilitate many more “lighth2ouse” cities in the years to come