The Department of Energy (DOE) released funding figures  of its Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) program, which provides for direct loans to support the development of U.S. high-tech vehicles and components. The program is in line with the Obama administration’s goal of creating “green” jobs  in the auto industry, contributing  to facilitate the achievement of future targets for reducing fuel consumption. The loans are intended to cover “the cost of the retrofit, expansion and creation of production facilities in the United States.” Not included is  funding for research and development or other business purposes. Of the $ 25 billion that was set aside in 2008, only 8 has been spent, the main beneficiary being Ford, which has used 5.9 billion in 5 establishments employing an extra 33 thousand people. Nissan also benefitted from the program in Tennessee for the factory where the electric car Leaf will be released. Funding also went to Tesla and Fisker. For more information about the program visit, source: ilsole24ore (In Italian)