Below you can find some interesting recent articles on fuel cells and hydrogen energy:

Move Over Electric Car, Auto Companies To Make Hydrogen Vehicles

NPR All Things Considered | January 3, 2014

Toyota Bumps Up Hydrogen Powered Car in U.S. to 2015

Washington Post | January 6, 2014

Toyota Shows Off Fuel Cell Vehicle, Will Be on Sale in 2015

CNET | January 6, 2014

Toyota Sees Hydrogen Car Fill-Ups at Dealers to Trash Dumps

Bloomberg Business Week | January 6, 2014

Toyota Ups Orders for Hydrogen-Powered Car in US

ABC News | January 7, 2014

Toyota Has High Hopes for Hydrogen Car

Fox News | January 7, 2014

Toyota Exec Calls Out Musk as Fuel Cell Battle Heats Up

Reuters | January 16, 2014

Toyota Gears Up for More Fuel Cell Vehicles
Automotive News | January 13, 2014

Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Moves East to Washington Auto Show
Wall Street Journal | January 22, 2014

Is 2014 the Year of the Fuel Cell Car?
Scientific American | January 23, 2014

Fuel Cell Fever – Hyundai Fuel Cell Vehicle Sparking Strong Consumer Interest
AutoWeek | January 23, 2014

Sprint Takes Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology to Rooftops With Help from DOE

Wall Street Journal | January 28, 2014