The Commission on April 23, 2015 adopted the set up of a new Expert Group on alternative transport fuels, the Sustainable Transport Forum (STF), that will merge the EU Expert Group on Future Transport Fuels, in which the EHA  took part as well, with the Member States’ Joint Expert Group Transport and Environment into a new Expert Group .  The STF should help the Commission to advance the application of the Clean Power for Transport strategy and facilitate the implementation of Directive 2014/94/EU. The STF envisages in particular to:

  • provide advice and technical expertise to the Commission on the development and implementation of legislation, policies, projects and programmes in the field of alternative transport fuels and contribute towards an energy-efficient, decarbonised transport sector.
  • facilitate exchanges of information on initiatives, projects and partnerships dealing with alternative transport fuels;
  • deliver opinions, submit reports, or develop and propose innovative solutions to the Commission, either at the latter’s request or on its own initiative, on any matter of relevance to the promotion of alternative transport fuels in the Union.

The STF shall be composed of a maximum of 60 members:

  • Member States’ authorities responsible for the development of alternative fuels and
  • public and/or private organisations active in the transport and energy related areas specified in the Article 4, paragraph 2, point 2 of Commission Decision C(2015) 2583.

Please find the call for applications for the STF here. (Photo, first Dutch public hydrogen station in Rhoon near Rotterdam operated by Air Liquide)