EHA went on a fact finding mission to verify the use of hydrogen applications in the new James Bond movie. James Bond gets behind the wheel of a black 2008 Ford Edge SUV in the new 007 film “Quantum of Solace,” that opened recently in Brussels theaters and in the U.S. The four Ford Edge crossovers that will be seen throughout the movie look like hydrogen-powered vehicles. Ford is currently working on the Edge HySeries, the world’s first fuel cell hybrid electric plug-in. The HySeries combines an onboard hydrogen fuel cell with lithiumion batteries to deliver more than 41 mpg. “Four Ford Edges dressed up as hydrogen-powered vehicles are part of a fleet that belongs to Greene (the villain in the movie), and they are integrated naturally into the plot of the movie,” said Al Uzielli, senior advisor to Ford Global Brand Entertainment. “When you see the Edge – as when you saw the Mondeo in ‘Casino Royale’ – there’s no question to the relevance or the correctness of the vehicle being in that scene.” In addition a hotel in the desert featured in the movie is said to be powered by fuel cells. It unfortunately is destroyed in a dramatic shoot-out in which hydrogen cylinders are exploding. The EHA is monitoring hydrogen and fuel cell presence in relevant futuristic A movies.