A new Hydrogen Refuelling Station was opened on the 21st of November 2011 built by Danish company, H2Logic with the support from EU FCH-JU program, Transnova (Norway) and EUDP (Denmark). Fabian Stang, mayor of Oslo opened the event.

“Yet another station in Oslo shows that car manufacturers are interested in investing in hydrogen and that Norway is one of the important places for the early market” says Bjørn Simonsen, Chairman of Norway’s Hydrogen Highway Project.

The opening of the Gaustad refueling station  is part of a large-scale Hydrogen Road Tour project scheduled for summer 2012 when H2moves Scandinavia’s members will drive across Europe with 6 -10 electric cars powered by fuel cells.  The drivers will cross Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany and finish their tour in Brussels. This project aims at gaining customer acceptance for use of electric, hydrogen and fuel cell-powered vehicles by offering public tests in designated cities.

After the opening of the Gaustad Hydrogen Refueling station the delegates and press had the chance to test drive Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and Th!nk.

This event coincides with the 6th annual Zero Emission Conference that will be held at the Clarion Hotel Oslo Airport, Gardermoen. The conference embraces a variety of topics, including green economy and climate policy. Politicians, businessmen and scientists from all over the world will participate.

View more photos from the event: H2Moves Flikr