Austrian transport specialist HET Engineering in cooperation with  DLR German Aerospace Center, recently launched  a quiet, zero-emission vehicle for sensitive traffic areas; theCitylog EMF vehicles will be small enough to navigate narrow and congested streets, while reducing noise and pollution.

“The focus for Citylog EMF is delivering goods in inner cities, but you could also transport people – it’s designed to be flexible so that you can put in containers or add seats as needed,” explains Johann Hartl, HET Engineering CEO. “There will be many possible uses for these types of vehicles, including inhouse shuttle services around hotel areas and amusement parks, and luggage transfer at airports – anywhere where noise and zero emissions are important.”

“Fuel cells have been used in space programmes before and we continue to research and demonstrate them here at ESA,” notes Max Schautz, fuel cell and battery engineer at ESA. “There wouldn’t have been any Apollo missions or the Space Shuttle without fuel cells. They were also specified for ESA’s Hermes spaceplane. We’re working on fuel cells at ESA for a number of potential uses, mainly for robotic exploration on Mars and possibly for the Moon as well. We’re also investigating their potential for large satellites and future human spaceflight.”