The local authorities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam have set up a National Hydrogen Coalition. This platform will include companies, knowledge institutes, civil society organisations and governments, working together towards the large-scale application of hydrogen. The coalition will make an important contribution to national policy objectives with respect to the climate, air quality, energy supplies and innovation. ‘We see hydrogen as one of the best options to improve the air quality and climate. The Rotterdam/Antwerp (the Netherlands-Belgium) basin is the largest chemical and petrochemical basin in Europe, representing 12% of the entire European refining capacity. Air Liquide has invested over €800 million in this basin in the last 12 years. The hydrogen market in this basin continues to witness sustained growth of +20% per year. In Rotterdam, Air Liquide has just won a long-term contract to supply hydrogen to Neste Oil’s Renewable Diesel plant. To meet the industrial gas requirements of Nestlé Oil, Air Liquide is investing in a new world-scale hydrogen production unit (Steam Methane Reformer – SMR) with a production capacity of 130,000 m3/hour. This represents an increase of more than 30% of its existing hydrogen production capacity in the basin. This unit is due to start up in 2011. Group investment amounts €160 million.