NEL AS Hydrogen Solutions has been awarded a contract by Icelandic Hydrogen for three hydrogen refuelling stations and an NEL C-series electrolyser on February 13th, 2017.

“We are delighted to open up this new market for hydrogen-powered vehicles together with a leading player like Skeljungur. With this collaboration we continue our successful and proven joint venture approach already applied in markets like Denmark and Norway,” says Jon André Løkke, CEO of Nel ASA.

Icelandic Hydrogen plans to establish three hydrogen refuelling stations connected to central renewable hydrogen electrolysis production and aiming at a continuous long-term expansion of the network along with FCEV deployments to meet a growing hydrogen fuel demand.

Icelandic Hydrogen is a newly established venture between the major Icelandic retail oil company Skeljungur HF and Nel ASA, the purpose of this joint venture is to establish a network of hydrogen fueling stations and renewable hydrogen production in Iceland.

The contract has a total value of more than EUR 4 million. The target is to start shipping equipment towards the end of 2017 and install during 2018. Almost 80% of the population in Iceland will be within reach of one of the three hydrogen fueling stations, making it the highest share for any country in the world.

Skeljungur, Nel, Icelandic New Energy and leading automotive manufactures will call for a press conference and a workshop at the end of first quarter 2017 regarding the commercial introduction of hydrogen in Iceland, station roll-out and fuel cell cars.


Photo Credit: Gasworld